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Trolley Wing Co. moved for construction

SALT LAKE CITY — A Trolley Square icon is going away — for now, at least.

The trolley car near the tower, home of the Trolley Wing Co., will be shuttered and moved as construction continues on the Whole Foods store there.

"Trolley Wing will be closed down temporarily," said Dawn Katter, property manager for Trolley Square. "We're just working right now through some logistics, and it will probably be back open within a month at a temporary location."

The trolley car, meanwhile, will be moved to the other side of 600 South.

At the iconic tavern, however, regulars did not seem hopeful the business would remain at Trolley Square.

The 150 mugs belonging to the tavern's faithful regulars had dwindled to 15 or so.

"There's a lot of history at this place," manager Rob Dutton said of the trolley car, which has been home to coffee shops, banks and souvenir shops.

Some complained of "big business pushing the little guy around."

But owner Jess Wilkerson said he believed his business could find a permanent location on the historic property.

"Our long-term goal is to find a permanent home," Katter said.

She said the business and the car could reopen next fall.

— Aaron Falk