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Betty Flo Clift Crosland

1923 ~ 2010

On May 12, 1923 in Hiawatha, Kansas twin girls were born to Eugene and Grace Armstrong, Betty Flo and Ruthie May. Each weighing approximately a pound and a half. Their weak, tiny bodies placed on an oven door. No oxygen, no feeding. Only one survived, Betty Flo. Her great strength of survival continued to carry through life's challenges.

Married John M. Clift in 1942. Together they had three children, John Eugene, Jay Leland, and Gloria Jean. John (her husband) died of a heart disease at the young age of 26, leaving Betty with three young children under the age of five. With the death of her husband her

challenges to raise three children alone gave her great strength.

In 1952 she married Wallace Crosland. Two girls were added to the family, Balinda and Marlena Betty. She left this world giving us the knowledge that strength is there even in the weakest moments. She had no riches except what she held in her heart, LOVE, for everyone. All she had was all she needed. Content with what was around her. She

accepted the problem and carried on with great strength.

Don't cry because it's over, smile that it happened. - Dr. Suess

Graveside services at Murray City Cemetery 12 noon on Wednesday, March 3, 2010. Online condolences: