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'Betty' will have time to say goodbye

America Ferrera as Betty Suarez
America Ferrera as Betty Suarez
Andrew Eccles, ABC

Yes, "Ugly Betty" fans, it's true. ABC announced that it's canceling the series as of the end of this season.

Honestly, most of the blame belongs to the show itself. Last season, "Betty" struggled creatively. OK, it really slipped, and ratings fell.

It was at least a bit of a surprise when the show was renewed for this season. But moving it to Fridays killed any hope of recovery.

The show has been much improved this season, but it's hard to get viewers back on board once they've jumped ship. The move to Wednesdays in January came too late.

Although ABC cut back the number of episodes to 20 (from 22) for this final season, that will give the producers "ample time to write a satisfying conclusion," the network announced.

Which is what both the show and its fans deserve.