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Bust nets 23 suspected drug dealers in Juab County

NEPHI — Instead of ferreting out drug users, Sanpete and Juab County law enforcement officials went after the source Wednesday.

In a bust that took 23 out of 29 suspected drug dealers into custody, the Sanpete/Juab Major Crimes and Drug Task Force sent out five teams to homes or other known places where drugs were being distributed. Deputies described the arrests as six months of work coming to fruition in one successful day's efforts to curb drug deals in Juab County.

"It's happening all over Utah that people are overdosing and dying from drugs," Sanpete County Sheriff's Sgt. Greg Peterson said. "We've tried to be as proactive as we can with drug programs in the schools, like D.A.R.E., but it's better to get right to the source with the dealers and take them off the streets."

The drug task force has arrested 63 suspected dealers to date, which includes 21 arrests from a bust in Sanpete County last November.

— Lana Groves