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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle: Church growth, LDS lawyers

Wednesday, Feb. 3Church growth: A new mission being created in Nicaragua, the Ohio Cincinnati Mission to be discontinued, the full translation of Laotian Book of Mormon is almost finished and even more growth is being reported at LDS Church Growth. Click to see what's also happening in Botswana, South Africa, Cote d'Ivoire and Uganda. Mormon lawyers: "What are "Lawyers" in the Book of Mormon? Are they the same types of lawyers as modern lawyers? This blogger doesn't think so, and wonders if they, as Hugh Nibley explained, were similar to Greek sophists and were "traveling teacher(s) who garnered a good deal of money by instructing others in the art of rhetoric."Bloggernacle Times: After taking a three-year hiatus, this tantalizingly short post popped up: "The Bloggernacle Times Strikes Back." I'm excited it's "Coming soon ..."