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Police investigate West Jordan beating

WEST JORDAN — Police were trying to figure out Wednesday why a man was severely beaten at a home.

About 2:40 a.m., West Jordan police received a call from Jordan Valley Hospital about a man who showed up at the emergency room with multiple injuries.

"We think a baseball bat was involved but we're not positive," said West Jordan Police Sgt. Drew Sanders. "He was beaten everywhere (on his body)."

Detectives were able to determine the 40-year-old man was at a house, 5148 W. Woodworth Road (7550 South), when the assault occurred. The circumstances surrounding the altercation or what started it were still being investigated Wednesday.

Sanders said the female homeowner, the alleged witness, was uncooperative with investigators and her story was "unbelievable." Detectives had several leads on a possible suspect.

After the beating, the victim attempted to walk to the hospital on his own, but stopped to call a friend halfway because he couldn't make it due to his injuries, Sanders said.

Because doctors have since sedated him, Sanders said investigators were unable to fully interview the victim Wednesday to find out exactly what happened.

— Pat Reavy