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Luaus for 31+ single adults to celebrate Valentine's Day


LAKE CITY — The idea of singles having fun on Valentine's Day or

attending a February luau in Utah may sound like implausible notions,

but both will be a reality on Feb. 13, when the Holladay Region Single

Adults Council throws its second-annual midwinter event.


large-scale activity for singles 31 and older will take place at two

locations, one for singles 31-45, and another for 45-year-olds and


Duane Millard, who

co-chairs the council with his wife, Glenda, said he hopes to get 800

people to show up for the event, which features a catered dinner,

Polynesian show, dancing and speed dating. Millard said the activity

should further the council's goal of exposing those who attend to an

"endless stream" of new faces and people.


Holladay council is a pilot program of the church designed to encourage

and facilitate socializing and friendship through large-scale events.

The organizers never let events go on too long without a break for


"There's never more than 60 minutes where there isn't some mingle or interaction," Millard said.

So far, the activities have attracted singles from Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada in addition to people from Utah.

"We invite the world," Millard said.

The cost is $10 at the door, but if that proves to be a financial burden, singles can contact Millard for other options.