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Missionary couple brings clean water to hills of Thailand

"This has been an unusual mission, quite

different than knocking on doors," said Ray Caldwell of Snowflake, who,

with his wife Judy, is now serving as county director of welfare

services in Thailand. "We were specifically told that our

responsibilities would be to manage a major clean water project among

the hill tribes people and to maintain liaison with the Royal Palace."

The Caldwells have been called to serve three missions for The Church

of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, previously serving in Mozambique

and Israel, where they were Brigham Young University service

volunteers. In an interview via the Internet, Ray said

regarding their time in Thailand, "It has been demanding at times, but

a satisfying experience to associate with primitive people and help

them have a ready supply of clean water the year around." Judy

Caldwell said, "They now often refer to Elder Caldwell as Grandpa, not

because they claim any kinship with him, but because they appreciate

him as someone who looked at their water problems and then worked to

resolve their concerns."