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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle: Super Bowl Weekend

Friday, Feb. 5

Super Bowl: \"Super Bowl Sunday is

such a prominent part of the American cultural landscape that maybe

only a few egghead historians (or a Mormon) would even stop to wonder

how in the world 'Sunday' and 'Super Bowl' ever wound up in the same

phrase at all.\" But this blogger (and he actually wrote an entire book

on the subject) does stop to wonder about

\"Putting the Sunday in the Super Bowl.\" It wasn't just a day to fill,

he instead postulates that \"sport itself was made sacred.\" And

regarding Mormons: \"... they may not cheer quite as loudly on Sunday as

some other people. At least until Austin Collie catches a pass.\"

Fascinating analysis!

Sunday sports: \"What is it we should tell our young

members of the church when they ask if it's OK to play sports on

Sunday?\" So provocatively asks this post in regards to

\"Sports on Sunday.\" And the answers are varied, as illustrated by the

comments with some wondering if it constitutes work and some even

wondering where the Sabbath on Sunday originated. Interesting thoughts!

Super food: Whether you're having a Super Bowl party or just want to enjoy some snack food, here are some recipes for

\"Superbowl Party Fun Food\" using a slow cooker! Try the cocktail

meatballs, the chicken artichoke dip and even the chocolate chip cookie

football, all made in slow cooker fashion. Yum!