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Holladay City Council considers zoning change

HOLLADAY — Residents of the Aix La Chapelle condominiums on Murray-Holladay Road want their zoning changed so they can sell their properties to federally backed lenders.

The only problem? Holladay doesn't have a zone designation that fits the sprawling complex.

Because of new federal lending rules, owners can't sell their homes unless the existing commercial zoning is brought into accordance with the residential use, several said.

The issue is complicated by the construction of the city-subsidized Holladay Village project a stone's throw from the low-income condominiums. The new development could draw interest in upgrading the condos to a "higher" commercial use in the near future.

The Holladay City Council held a public hearing Thursday on a proposal to change the zone to multi-family residential instead of commercial. The only other option, officials said, is to create a new zone.

"To me, we should be able to have a zone that matches what we are until a developer comes," said Megan Mackay, who sits on the board of the Aix La Chapelle Homeowners Association. "We deserve to be able to have the right to buy and sell our properties until that happens."

The council is likely to vote on the issue Feb. 18.

Also Thursday, the Holladay council voted to give Cafe Normandie a new zoning that allows the restaurant to use its state liquor license. The eatery sits between Aix La Chapelle and the massive lot that once was home to Cottonwood Mall.