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Parolee arrested after fleeing police in South Salt Lake

SALT LAKE CITY — A man who police say already has spent time in federal prison was arrested again Thursday night for investigation of a number of charges that, if he is convicted, could send him back to prison for a long time.

Members of the Joint Criminal Apprehension Team were looking Thursday for Crispin Salina Rodriguez, 31, who had $100,000 worth of outstanding warrants, said JCAT Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Jim Phelps.

About 9 p.m., marshals in the area of 400 East and 3400 South spotted Rodriguez's girlfriend's car. After they pulled up behind it, Rodriguez got out and ran, jumping over fences and running through yards to get away, Phelps said. Officers called out police dogs, which found Rodriguez hiding nearby.

"The dogs latched on. He suffered some pretty good dog bites," Phelps said.

Officers said Rodriguez was carrying meth, meth pipes and ammunition. Officers retracing his steps found a loaded stolen 9 mm handgun that Rodriguez allegedly had thrown while fleeing.

He was booked for investigation of drug possession, fleeing, possession of a weapon by a restricted person and theft. Jail records show Rodriguez was released from jail in December after being arrested for investigation of drug and false-documents-related crimes.

He also was charged recently with unlawful dealing of property by fiduciary. Investigators say the crime occurred just a week after he had been released from jail.

— Pat Reavy