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Refocus on learning

I need to thank Vicki Abeles and the Sundance Film Festival for the screening of the documentary "Race to Nowhere." I hope there will be other showings around Utah, the United States and internationally. The film is a heartfelt plea to be innovative in restructuring our educational system to meet today's changing world. We as parents need to focus less on the perfect classes, programs and grades and rededicate ourselves to the real objective of school — actual learning. Our performance-driven society has created stressed-out, overburdened adults who are raising similar children.

The best way to improve our schools is to improve the quality and style of teaching. Talented people need real incentives to teach and real rewards and recognition for excellence. As a society and in our communities, we must be engaged in dialogue to make educational changes that will benefit the world's children and ensure a bright future for all people.

Joanne Andrus