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Utah State basketball: Drug bust gets Aggie player kicked off team

LOGAN — Troubled Utah State University basketball player Anthony DiLoreto will not participate in any team functions for the foreseeable future, Aggie coach Stew Morrill said Friday.

DiLoreto, who was arrested Monday evening on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana and placed on an indefinite suspension by Morrill later that night, is redshirting this season. He arrived at USU with two strikes against him already in the eyes of many because of his involvement in an attempted bank robbery in Wisconsin.

"My thoughts are, No. 1, it's very disappointing," Morrill said during a telephone press conference. "No. 2, I've given second chances to people on the recommendation of people I trust, and it's up to them what they do with it."

The 7-foot-1 freshman from Minnesota was already on probation with Wisconsin law enforcement officials as a result of his role in the attempted bank robbery and was to spend 30 days in each of the next three summers in jail.

The Monday arrest, Morrill said, obviously jeopardizes his future with the team.

"At this point," Morrill said, "Anthony is not a part of this team. He will not practice, he will not travel."

Asked if DiLoreto will have a role with the team in the future, Morrill did not want to speculate.

"We will try to help him through the legal process and help him with his academics," Morrill said.

Beyond that, Morrill said he was unsure if the 7-footer will ever return to the USU basketball team.