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Happiness can be found in service

WOODLAND, Calif. — In 1909, my great-grandfather, a native German, moved

back to Germany after living for a period of time in what was then

known as Transylvania.Times were tough and money extremely

tight. (A similar tune rings 100 years later!) He worked as a welder in

a pipe manufacturing plant to earn a meager living. By his own

admission, my great-grandfather spent his money frivolously and was not

the ideal husband or father.One Sunday morning, he and a

friend took a train to a neighboring city. As they walked down a

street, they found a handful of people starting to gather. A kind man

— we'll call him "Karl" — invited them to join him for what turned

out to be a church service.After the meeting ended, my

great-grandfather and his friend sat down and talked for some time to

Karl. They thanked him for his kindness, but indicated that because

they were poor and could not afford the commute, they would likely not