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Readers' forum: Disappointing conductor

I have attended most of the Utah Symphony concerts for years. I especially enjoyed Keith Lockhart's concerts. Unfortunately, I have been disenchanted by our new music director and conductor, Thierry Fischer. Unlike Lockhart, he is not a good speaker nor does he seem to have the right body language to be an outstanding conductor. Lockhart, on the other hand, is not only an excellent conductor but most of his programming seemed flawless, even if he played works by a few too many modern composers.

After reading Edward Reichel's praiseworthy article about Fischer and the Symphony's new 2010-11 season, it is doubtful I will attend many of the concerts. There are simply too many modern composers. An even bigger drawback is that Fischer apparently will be dividing his time between three orchestras.

Undoubtedly I expect too much.

Ronald B. De Waal

Salt Lake City