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Millcreek Canyon slide injures skier

MILLCREEK CANYON — A back-country skier suffered compound fractures to both legs when he was caught in an avalanche Sunday afternoon.

The slide was triggered about 3 p.m. by a party of three skiers in Alexander Basin, an area north of Gobbler's Knob about two miles back from Millcreek Canyon Road, said Unified Police Sgt. Travis Skinner.

Rescue crews were transporting the 42-year-old man by air to University Hospital.

"If the weather had been bad, he probably wouldn't have made it with all the blood he was losing," Skinner said.

The other two skiers were not hurt.

About a half-hour later, a different skier was injured when another avalanche was triggered in Millcreek Canyon near Porter Fork. The skier was able to ski out on his own, Skinner said.

— Paul Koepp