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Cresting 30: Standing taller with confidence when dating

An e-mail pinged my inbox last week; it was from a close friend of mine.

"I'm confused!" (In the dating world, these are probably the most often uttered words out of the mouth of a single.)

She continued, "Why are guys afraid to ask out 'intimidating' girls; the girls who are going places, educated, travel and such? The girls guys are super freaked out to ask out — even though they should."

My honest answer? I don't know. Because the rebuttal to the question is, "She wouldn't go for me; I don't meet her expectations." Or, the ever popular, "She's way out of my league."

So, what if a guy lacks the confidence needed to ask a girl out? What if a girl snubs her date because he's intimidating?

What this basically boils down to is a lack of self-confidence.

Although the initial question poses that men have a hard time asking women out on dates, the reciprocal is also true. Girls will sometimes sabotage a date because she thinks he is out of her league.

May I suggest the "fake it until you make it" principle?

Thanks to Wikipedia, this principle is illustrated for the purposes of dating quite nicely.

In the end, aren't we all trying to become better people? Isn't our purpose to fulfill the measure of our creation and become the best we can be? Why not take opportunities, like these, to become our best self?

Guys, ask out the intimidating girl — stretch yourself to become a better man.

Girls, accept the invitation to go on a date with a guy that beyond reproach — take confidence in yourself.

The only way we can get out of this rut is by becoming better people, and building our self-confidence. In essence, remember the counsel given by our late prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley — Stand a little taller.