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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle: Movie list, mission absorption

Monday, Feb. 8Movie list: How often do you find yourself wishing it was easier to find appropriate movies for your family? That's where The Good List can help. Subtitled "Choosing and Using Movies from the Lord's Side of the Line" (and featured thusly at LDS Media), the Good List not only includes movie recommendations, but "key quotes, ideas, principles, and scriptures are provided for most of the movies on the list." Whitney finalists: The 2009 Whitney Awards Finalists (are) Announced"! The Whitney Awards seek to honor the best in LDS novels. Categories include Best Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Youth Fiction, Speculative, Historical and General Fiction. See if your favorite is listed! Winners will be announced April 24th.Mission discontinued: LDS Media Growth announces that "Another Mission to be Discontinued" this coming July. Which one? The Korea Seoul West Mission, which the LDS Media Talk blogger actually attended. He explains "it does not surprise me that the mission will be absorbed into the Korea Seoul Mission not because the mission has been unproductive but rather because of the small number of missionaries serving in the Korea Seoul Mission and the few baptisms they have had over the years." Also of note, missionaries are reporting that up to 16 missions may also be discontinued come July. Click to read more about which ones as well as some potential new missions.