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Utah Legislature: Bill says car seats not needed in some cases

SALT LAKE CITY — The conservative philosophy of the Utah Legislature can reach all the way down to booster seats.

A House committee Monday morning passed out HB113, which as amended would allow adults to transport smaller children in cars without a booster seat, as long as it was within four miles of their home and not on streets with speed limits over 45 mph.

Members of the Eagle Forum and 9-12 — both conservative groups — told the committee that Rep. Christopher Herrod's bill was a question of freedom from an overreaching government.

While doctors and advocates from Primary Children's Medical Center said the current law is saving lives and preventing injuries to children who are too small for regular seat belts.

After some emotional debate — with one Democratic lawmaker saying the measure "is a bad bill" that couldn't be fixed — the bill was sent to the floor on a party-line vote.

— Bob Bernick Jr.