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What kind of trust fund?

In its Feb. 8 edition, USA Today said, "Since 1984, Social Security has raked in more in payroll taxes than it has paid in benefits, accumulating a $2.5 trillion trust fund." So where's the money fellow citizens? Well, the article goes on to say, "...the government uses the trust fund to pay for other programs."

You might then ask what kind of a trust fund that is, where your money — forcefully taken by your government — isn't used for its intended purpose? So much so that now there's no money left to cover what's owed you. Have we become that stupid?

And on whose watch was this done? President Richard Nixon, a Republican, and every Democrat and Republican since.

Think it's time for a change? You bet. And one we truly can believe in. Too bad it's not November 2010 and 2012.

Terry Gunn

Elk Ridge