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LAPD: Anti-gang worker killed by graffiti suspect

LOS ANGELES — Police say a well-known former gangster who has counseled against violence was killed when he confronted a graffiti-writer in Los Angeles.

Police say Ronald "Looney" Barron left a bar and noticed a tagger defacing a wall Sunday night. Police say when confronted, the tagger pulled out a gun and shot the 40-year-old Barron multiple times. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. No arrests have been made.

A former member of the Mansfield Crips, Barron worked the past decade for Amer-I-Can, which runs a gang intervention program in which former gangsters counsel youth to avoid crime and violence.

Barron's killing is the latest in which taggers have fatally shot passersby who confronted them about graffiti writing.

Information from: Los Angeles Times,