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Nancy Kerrigan's family criticizes autopsy report on dad

BOSTON — The family of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan has criticized an autopsy report about her father's death and insists it was not a homicide.

A Kerrigan family attorney calls the medical examiner's finding that Daniel Kerrigan died of a heart rhythm problem after a fight with his son both "premature and inaccurate." The family says it was disappointed the medical examiner would release a cause of death "without having all of the relevant facts."

The family says 70-year-old Daniel Kerrigan had a pre-existing heart condition and they do "not blame anyone" for his death.

The report released Tuesday found Kerrigan suffered a damaged windpipe before he died.

The findings could prompt new charges against Nancy Kerrigan's brother, Mark, who has pleaded not guilty to assault.