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Utah County sets salaries for surveyor, recorder

PROVO — After deciding last month to split the positions of Utah County recorder and surveyor, county commissioners Tuesday set the salaries for the positions.

It was proposed that each salary be $94,692, but Commissioner Gary Anderson disagreed, noting that the surveyor currently is making $74,230.

Commissioners Steve White and Larry Ellertson agreed and voted to keep the surveyor's pay at the current level and set the recorder's salary at the proposed price, effective Jan. 3, 2011.

Four years ago, the commission combined the two positions because former surveyor and public works director Clyde Naylor was retiring and a new law allowed the positions to be combined, said Bryan Thompson, Utah County clerk/auditor.

Now, commissioners see an advantage in having the two separated. The two positions, along with seven others in the county, will be up for election in the fall.

— Sara Lenz