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Emily W. Jensen: Bloggernacle Back Bench: Online labors of (Valentine's) love

Mormon Women: The new Mormon Women Project seeks to "Tell the stories of women who are faithful members of the Church and have made choices that are deliberate, confident and empowering." This labor of love is an ever-expanding digital library of interviews with already twenty interviews posted. It celebrates "women who have made deliberate choices — with the help of the Spirit and personal revelation — to overcome personal trials, magnify motherhood, contribute to communities outside their homes, or be converted to the Gospel." Read about musicians, students, mothers, organizers, businesswomen and others who are a combination of roles and who come all over the world

Segullah recently interviewed Neylan McBaine, the originator of the Mormon Women Project. McBaine explains how the project began as well as why it is unique: "the

se are stories that have not been told before in a public forum. These aren't women who are 'church celebrities' or who are skilled at telling their stories for fireside crowds...They are women who have crafted lives from a series of decisions, personal revelations and self-examinations that have unfolded over many years." If you want to nominate women who you believe fit the Mormon Women Project criteria and "represent diverse cultural backgrounds, have overcome personal trials, magnify their callings at home, have unique career paths, are involved in their communities" then click here.

Mission World: Dr. B has done it again, producing a new aggregator dedicated to organizing the Mormon Missionary World of mission-related blogs. He has sorted many of the now nearly one thousand missionary blogs into the following categories: "Sisters Mission Blogs," "Elders Mission Blogs — Europe, Russia, Africa," "Elders Mission Blogs — Asia, The Pacific," "Elders Mission Blogs — The Americas," "Senior (Couples) Mission Blogs" and "Missions and Mission Presidents Blogs."

He explains, "When I started two years ago there were less than 30 blogs so it is growing exponentially. With 53,000 missionaries it is no wonder it is catching on. I want to make it clear that no missionary posts to these blogs but family members." Although missionary presidents and their wives as well as senior couples can blog, if I am not mistaken. Dr. B. also explains that "If a person doesn't want to be included (in his aggregator) then they need to make sure their blog is private since I consider anything on the Internet as a resource that should be included." It is truly his labor of love, showcasing his support for the many missionary families who are blogging about their missionary's experiences and testimonies.

Valentine's treats: If you are looking for a delightful and delectable way to show your loved ones a little bit of sweetness, then click on these "Easy Valentine Chocolates." Oh don't they look delicious? Or, if you're in the mood for pampering, cjane is blogging this "Valentine Week" about cheap but creative ideas to charm your loved ones. Keep checking back to see her sweet recommendations!

And finally, enjoy this delightful new Mormon Message that perfectly fits the Valentine's Day theme to "Love One Another." Click to view the many examples of sweet kindness and tender moments set to a beautiful song. Ah, love!

Now let's find other lovely posts from the Bloggernacle this past week:

Power pick — What was the "Greatest Valentine Gift the world ever received"? In a beautiful post that includes both apostolic counsel and sweet music, the Mormon Soprano explains that it is to "never forget your worth in the eyes of God. May you desire to follow our Savior's command more fully, to Love Thyself, as He does!" So whether you are celebrating with your spouse, your family, your friends, or even alone this Valentine's Day, we should all remember how important it is to "Love Thyself."

Video spotlight — "Where have all the pure men gone, and where are all the blessed? Where's my stripling warrior, who treats his mom the best?" So laments Alie Fidel and the Sisters in Suits in this delightfully funny LDS-themed remake of "I Need a Hero" performed at BYU. If you're sick of all the saccharine surrounding Valentine's Day and want to do a little venting about finding the perfect mate, then check out the humorous power ballad that declares "I Need an RM!"

Techie tip — One final labor of love: John Dye has spent the past year producing and posting podcasts of the Chinese (Mandarin) Book of Mormon. Already he has more than 14,000 hits and each chapter has been downloaded between 5-120 times. How cool is that! If you've ever wanted to hear (or maybe even learn) Mandarin, this is a great place to start!