SAFFORD, Ariz. — Loney and Joseph Greenhalgh of Safford, Ariz., gazed at their newborn son on Feb. 16, 1918, and felt to name him after President Heber J. Grant, whom they greatly admired. Besides being a beloved apostle of the LDS Church at the time, he was also president of Beneficial Life Insurance Co. with which Joseph worked as an agent.

Nineteen years later, while serving a mission in Holland, Elder Grant Greenhalgh found himself touring Amsterdam with his namesake.

"We rode in a taxi," Greenhalgh recalled. "President Grant paid for it. My companion and I went to the newspaper to let them know a prophet was coming. They gave us one column inch in the middle of the paper. How times have changed."

Greenhalgh returned to the Gila Valley, where he had been reared prior to his mission, and followed in his father's footsteps to become a prominent businessman and Mormon leader.

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