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Portraits of the past: Solomon Chamberlain home

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In the "First Presidency Message" of the April 2010 Ensign, President

Dieter F. Uchtdorf writes that in 1816, Solomon Chamberlain had a

vision in which he was promised that he would live to see the day when

the church of Christ would once again be established on the earth. __IMAGE1__The

vision of Chamberlain has some details similar to those in the First

Vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Several years after his visionary

experience, Chamberlain met members of the Smith family and learned of

the Prophet's call to the work of the Restoration. Having been prepared

by his own vision, the story of Joseph Smith rang true to Chamberlain.

He preached with unbound pages of the Book of Mormon and attended the

organization of the church at Fayette, N.Y., on April 6, 1830.

Chamberlain was baptized a few days later by the Prophet Joseph Smith.

The home, above, of Chamberlain near Lyons, N.Y., is just a few yards

away from a section of the original Erie Canal, right. — Kenneth Mays