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Death of Ogden toddler prompts calls for safety

SHARE Death of Ogden toddler prompts calls for safety
Anaiya Boney, child who died when hit by an automobile driven by her mother.

Anaiya Boney, child who died when hit by an automobile driven by her mother.

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OGDEN — Advocates are calling for greater safety and awareness after an Ogden woman accidentally ran over her 1-year-old daughter.

Anaiya Boney was pronounced dead at McKay Dee Hospital Sunday night.

At Primary Children's Medical Center, child advocacy manager Janet Brooks says this is the second known death of its kind in Utah this year, but cases involving children being run over in a driveway or parking lot are seen about every six days.

"It really requires each one of us to watch out for these innocent little children," Brooks told KSL Monday.

Too often, she said, people get busy or are easily distracted. "We just need to slow down and take our time."

Brooks' advice is to make sure children are in tow. It helps, as well, to walk around the car to make sure there are no little ones nearby. Car sensors are helpful, but not a guarantee of safety.

"Those may help in some situations, but there are many situations where a sensor would not pick up a very small child," Brooks says. "It is the 'human' technology — that we rely on ourselves to make sure this doesn't happen."

The accident Sunday occurred at a Mother's Day family gathering at an apartment complex. Some of the children decided to go outside to play on the lawn and took 1-year-old Anaiya with them.

The girl was left alone on the grass. A short time later, the child's mother went to move a car across the lawn and hit the baby.

"At this point, it doesn't appear that there was any alcohol or drugs or anything like that related to the accident," Ogden Police Sgt. Chris McAllister said. "It was just a horrible accident."

Emergency crews performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and then took the girl to the hospital.

The family spokesperson said a memorial fund has been set up at Golden West Credit Union for Anaiya in care of her mother, Stephanie Vigil. The family also thanked the public for their support and prayers.

Prevention steps

Before driving, check the street, driveway and area around your vehicle

Drivers of SUVs and trucks should be extra careful

Children should be taught not to play in, under or around vehicles

Supervise children when a driver is leaving the home

Adjust the driver's seat as high as needed to see clearly out the rear window

Roll down windows to hear children

Adjust side and rear mirrors to reduce blind spots

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