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Keeping score at church ball games leads to blessings

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A calling to a husband and wife to serve as scorekeepers at Mormon church sports events led the couple, who had not been attending church meetings, to become more active in the church.As reported by Leonard Mecham, Utah Area north sports director, in the May newsletter of the LDS Church's Utah Area Sports Committee:"A number of years ago an older couple in our area — the husband was age 68, his wife age 65 — had been members of the church all their lives but had never felt the desire to attend. Recognizing that they both enjoyed sports, their church leaders asked if they would be scorekeepers in church sports events, a calling which they accepted and enjoyed. Last year they were sealed in the temple after all their years together."The sports committee's May newsletter also includes ideas for improving sportsmanship at athletic competitions sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ o Latter-day Saints.The newsletter calendar notes a May 15 deadline for entering the Utah Salt Lake City Area tennis tournament and a June 1 deadline to register for a basketball-officials training camp, among other events planned for this summer.NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE:April 2010March 2010February 2010January 2010December 2009November 2009October 2009September 2009August 2009July 2009June 2009May 2009April 2009March 2009February 2009January 2009December 2008November 2008October 2008September 2008April 2008March 2008