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Temple moments: Most noble work

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When we are called to serve in the church, it doesn't mean we are good, but rather that we'll have an opportunity to serve and, especially, to learn. After being assistant matron in the Helsinki Finland Temple for three years, I think I've learned something, and how grateful I am.

I've never before felt such a big responsibility in my work, never before started the day so early, never come home so late in the evening, never worked without salary or vacation, but I've never been happier or more thankful for my work, especially for the opportunity of working with my husband.

The temple is unbelievably beautiful, the most beautiful building in all of Finland. We live about half an hour from the temple. During those three years we drove the equivalent of nearly one-and-a-half times around the globe. You can guess how many hundreds pairs of socks I knitted in the car.

The temple is located on a beautiful hill, very easy to see. At night, it is like a bright lighthouse for a world descending into ever deeper darkness.

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