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Hatch is next

As one who attended the state Republican convention as an elected delegate, I am astounded by the post-convention comments of our "senior" senator, Orrin Hatch. In statements appearing in the Deseret News (May 10), he said, in view of Bob Bennett's defeat, he sees no danger for himself and that most state Republicans solidly support him.

Can he possibly be that clueless?

As I promised my precinct that elected me, I attended the convention uncommitted to a particular candidate but made time and effort to be fully informed on each a top priority. I didn't attend a tea party, I did not tip my hand to any pre-convention polls and I did not take breakfasts, lunches or dinners from those vying for position. I went as a first-time, average Joe who wanted to change the direction of politics in the state and nation.

I have two words for Hatch: "You're next!"

Jack Peck