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Henry J. Eyring has live Twitter interview with readers

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The Deseret News hosted a live Twitter interview with Henry J. Eyring, who recently wrote a book on getting the most out of college. "Major Decisions" is intended to help both current and prospective college students get the most out of their college experience. A transcript of the Twittologue follows:Deseret News: Live Q&A starting in one minute with Henry J. Eyring. Ask your questions about your career and education.Deseret News: Bio on Henry J. Eyring — Advancement VP at BYU�Idaho. Mission president of Tokyo North Mission. BYU MBA director. Dad of 5 kids (2 in college, 1 college grad).Deseret News: @bailin24 How long did it take you to write Major Decisions?Henry J. Eyring: Six months to write and another year in the publication process. I was grateful for editing assistance, especially from Deseret Book.Deseret News: @brawleyavalon I've heard that because more people get a bachelor's, you have to get your master's to be competitive. True?Henry J. Eyring: Yes, in many fields you should be thinking about a master's degree as you pursue your bachelor's.Henry J. Eyring: @brawyleyavalon If you are thinking about a master's degree, check out the chapter on grad school at majordecisionsforcollege.com.Deseret News: When should you start thinking about college?Henry J. Eyring: Think about college early in high school. It's never too soon to start learning about your future career.Deseret News: Is BYU the best church school?Henry J. Eyring: You need to find the school that is best for you. Visit each campus. I have three children who have enjoyed BYU-Idaho. I loved BYU.Deseret News: @bailin24 Why did you choose to write on this topic?Henry J. Eyring: To help people avoid the mistakes I made. I also wanted to share the answers to questions I've been asked by many college students.Deseret News: @brawleyavalon I'm an English major about to graduate. Should I get an MFA or an MA?Henry J. Eyring: Decide what career you want to pursue, talk to people in that field and find out what they recommend.Deseret News: @xoxomeomi Does an education only refer to a four-year degree? My husband is a personal trainer with specializations but no degree.Henry J. Eyring: Higher education of all kinds is valuable. More is better. Make sure you have the kind of education required in your chosen profession.Deseret News: @BLU3_ I'm 10 yrs into a career, w/ small chances for advancement or raises. Do I jump ship, go back to school, stick it out?Henry J. Eyring: @BLU3_ Before you jump, look at options that would allow you to stay at work while getting more education. Check out WGU.Deseret News: @darthblu3 What's WGU?Henry J. Eyring: @darthblu3 WGU is Western Governors University.Deseret News: What is your advice for a poli sci major?Henry J. Eyring: 4 the poli sci major — Determine your career. If it's not directly related to poly sci, add courses outside your major.Deseret News: @bailin24 Is possible to have too much education?Henry J. Eyring: @bailin24 It's possible to spend too much time and too much money. Focus your education on your career and learning goals.Deseret News: Is it important to go to an Ivy League school?Henry J. Eyring: For the Ivy Leaguer — Prestige matters in only a few job types. Most employers care about what you can do, not where you came from.Deseret News: @bailin24 What if you have spent too much time and money?Henry J. Eyring: @bailin24 follow up — Check an answer I gave on majordecisions.com to an inquirer with a “less-than-useful” degree.Deseret News: Great question @bailin24 Are employers looking for more "well-rounded" education or specific type?Henry J. Eyring: @bailin24 It depends on the job. Identify a company or position, and find out from people who work there what you need.Deseret News: More questions coming. Next three people to e-mail questions@majordecisionsforcollege.com with name and address will get a free copy of Major Decisions.Deseret News: @byualumni If you could do it all over again, what would you do to enhance your #byu college experience? #byualumniHenry J. Eyring: @byualumni I would have added a minor and done at least one internship related to my major, geology.Deseret News: @voler When presented w/ opportunity to take a position w/ growing start-up or finish last semester of college, what should you do?Henry J. Eyring: @voler Startups rarely succeed; college almost always works.Deseret News: How important are grades to getting a good job?Henry J. Eyring: Poor grades could keep you from getting a job, but outstanding grades matter less than your skills and experience (internships, etc.).Deseret News: Silvia N asked, What do you think about online schools that are accredited?Henry J. Eyring: Every school has to be judged on its own merits. Learn all you can before you decide. Online schools are getting better.Deseret News: Silvia N also asked, Do they have the same value as a degree from a traditional university?Henry J. Eyring: — Silvia N — It depends. If you're already employed or your employer knows the online degree provider, you're in good shape.Deseret News: @byualumni What advice would you give your missionaries who had absolutely no idea what to study in college?Henry J. Eyring: Advice to returned missionaries — Pick a subject you think about in the shower, and find out what kind of careers are related to it.Deseret News: Kris P asked, My son says he does not have time for LDS Institute in his college schedule. Advice?Henry J. Eyring: re LDS institute- Make room for it. Check out President Eyring's talk “Education for Real Life”.Deseret News: Three winners for the book: Marie Russell, Derek Pace and Justin Brady. Stick around, two more copies to be given away.Deseret News: @dyejo At what point is it not good to go to school to get an MBA? In the workforce ___ years and making $__ dollars/year?Henry J. Eyring: @dyejo It depends on what MBA skills you lack and whether your employer wants the credential for its own sake.Deseret News: @canyonsdave How would you define college readiness?Henry J. Eyring: @canyonsdave Competency in basic English and math and a career dream.Deseret News: @mickhagen I'm a Princeton drop-out and now a startup junkie. MBA, to do or not to do?Henry J. Eyring: @voler @mickhagen It depends on what MBA skills you lack & whether your employer wants the MBA credential.Deseret News: @mickhagen Follow up — @voler said it perfectly. And when I'm my own employer?Henry J. Eyring: @mickhagen Then it depends on what your banker's/VC's want. The smart ones will care more about what you can do.Deseret News: @Boggled Would you recommend that wives/moms get their degrees even if they aren't in the workforce because of family?Henry J. Eyring: @Boggled Formal education is important, so long as it fits with family. Mars needs moms.Deseret News: Next two to e-mail questions@majordecisionsforcollege.com will get a free copy of Major Decisions by Henry J. Eyring.Deseret News: How much preparation should one take for the gmat?Henry J. Eyring: re GMAT — Everything necessary to get a score that reflects your real capability. Take all the practice tests you can.Deseret News: What is a competitive GMAT score?Henry J. Eyring: a competitive GMAT score — It depends on the school. They will publish their average.Deseret News: @juthayn What should you do if your desired major (Robotics Engineering) isn't offered at many universities?Henry J. Eyring: @juthayn Don't think so narrowly. Find an engineering major that has most of what you want, and then find a relevant internship.Deseret News: @Rylindjc What would be a good course of action for me to take as a future medical student?Henry J. Eyring: @rylindjc Decide whether you really want to be a doctor. Talk to doctors to find out what they do and how they prepared.Deseret News: Any last questions? We are almost done.Deseret News: Is the value of an MBA going down?Henry J. Eyring: Value of an MBA? — That's hard to tell, but the price of not having an MBA is almost certainly going up.Deseret News: @dyejo Are AP courses better than concurrent ed (as looked upon by colleges)?Henry J. Eyring: @dyejo Some admissions committees put high value on AP courses. I tell my children to get concurrent enrollment.Deseret News: Thanks to Henry J. Eyring for participating! We really appreciate it. Any last words?Henry J. Eyring: Thanks to everyone. I also answer questions at www.majordecisionsforcollege.com. Good luck with your education!Deseret News: Winners for the last two copies are Sharron Hodges and Lance Bandley. Thanks to everyone for participating. For more info you can visit the website at MajorDecisionsForCollege.com.