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William F.


Will Be Missed

William F. Horrocks, raised in Arcadia, Utah, put up a good fight, but did not make it past Monday, May 10, 2010, as his body finally caved to the invading forces that overwhelmed his defenses. That evening we let him join Melna and Ray (parents), along with his siblings Carmen (younger brother) and Martha Lou (younger sister), his oldest son Gary, youngest daughter Alonda, granddaughter Corianne as well as many other friends and family that have gone before him. They welcomed him with open arms as he stepped into God's heavenly light.

Over his 83 years he was a son, brother, cattle herder, farmer, student, bus driver, high school football champion, soldier, paratrooper, fighter, cook, student, father, mechanic, shop manager, instructor, business owner, grandfather, maintenance man, mechanic, mentor, veteran, friend, story teller, and spoiler. He was and will always be loved.

For those of us left behind, his wife June, youngest son William, oldest daughter JoAnna, his oldest brother Gilbert, younger brother Doug, his grandchildren (Toni, Karen, Jake, Jenny, Krissy, Jared, Joey, Tasha, Alicia, and Cody), his great-grandchildren (Jessica, Lauren, Garret, Julia, Elena, PJ, Sara, William, Emery, Aleksander, Mason, and Ethan) his great-grandpup (Kipper) and his friends. He has left us with his memories and his stories, tucked into our hearts, minds, and in his book that we were lucky enough to get before he passed.