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President Thomas S. Monson dedicates Zions Bank Financial Center

PROVO — LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson joined elected officials, business leaders and prominent Utah County residents Friday to dedicate and celebrate the Zions Bank Financial Center.

"May it ever be a bright and shining star in the business community of Provo, and may its influence extend far and wide," President Monson said of the new headquarters for Zions Bancorp's central Utah region.

In addition to offering a dedicatory prayer, President Monson told those in attendance about some of his boyhood experiences in Utah County and also reaffirmed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' confidence in the bank.

"You can rest assured that this church doesn't put its investments and its confidence in anything that isn't stable, honorable and (having) a record of performance and integrity," he said.

The building at 180 N. University Ave. rises eight stories and will house restaurants, shops and businesses, as well as the bank and its offices. The bank already is open for business.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, Gov. Gary Herbert and Provo Mayor John Curtis also spoke at the celebration.

Chaffetz said the bank will provide benefits for many of Utah's young families who want to remain in the state after finishing college.

"This is a magnificent facility that will be an untold asset for so many for so long," he said. "We cannot thank you enough of your undying commitment to Utah and to this valley."

Herbert said the contributions of Zions Bank — such as loans to young families, small-business loans and an outreach to minority populations — are difficult to measure.

"The ripple effect of what they've done has made Utah a significant, important state," he said.

Curtis presented Zions Bank with the Mayor's Award of Prosperity.

"On behalf of Provo city, we're so grateful to have you with us," he said.