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Saratoga Springs lifts water-boil order

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — A drinking water boil order for thousands of residents in Saratoga Springs was lifted Saturday.

The city lifted the order at 6 p.m. after completing a "comprehensive chlorination" of the entire water system.

City officials say as a precaution, residents should flush the water in their homes by letting their faucets run for five to 10 minutes. Officials also recommend completely draining water heaters to allow a refill of fresh water.

County health officials issued the boil water order Thursday after seven campylobacteriosis cases struck the same neighborhood. The bacteria usually affect the intestinal tract and sometimes the bloodstream.

City officials say about 2,000 homes were affected by the order, for a total of 7,000 to 8,000 people.

Earlier in the day, officials offered residents drinking water outside the local Walmart.

The boil water order was not expected to be lifted until Sunday.