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BYU-Idaho spring semester registration up 2,000

SHARE BYU-Idaho spring semester registration up 2,000


Idaho — Statistics released this week for spring semester 2010 at

Brigham Young University-Idaho indicate a 17.5 percent enrollment

increase over spring Semester 2009.


to numbers from the BYU-Idaho Student Records and Registration Office,

total enrollment stands at 13,119 in spring semester 2010, compared to

11,169 in spring 2009.


Registrar Kyle Martin said the newly released figures show that

enrollment for spring, fall and winter semesters is quite similar. Fall semester 2009 had an enrollment of 13,379, and winter

Semester 2010 had 13,375.

"As we

distribute attendance evenly across all three semesters, we are able to

serve more students, while taking full advantage of campus facilities.

We will be able to reach the enhanced enrollment

goals we have set for the next several years and still provide a

quality experience in the classroom," Martin said.


student body consists of 5,044 freshmen, 3,279 sophomores, 2,511

juniors, 2,203 seniors and 82 non-matriculating students. There are

3,673 married students, comprising 27.8 percent of the student

body. About 42 percent of BYU-Idaho students have served full-time

missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


are 7,129 female students (54.3 percent) and 5,990 male students (45.7

percent). The university has 371 international students, representing 61