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Pure religion: Achieving goals

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Jose Francisco "Frank" Reyes of San Jose, Costa Rica, just wanted a little more time to be with his family. With a bachelor's degree in marketing, he was able to support his family, but he did not have a fixed work schedule. It often switched between morning, evening and night shifts. Many days, he left early and returned home late at night.

In addition, he felt that with his skills and experience he could be making more money. He found himself unsatisfied with life because he was not achieving his goals.

Many times at church, Reyes saw a flier circulating about the church's Employment Resource Services. He had a job, so he didn't think he needed to go, but he kept hearing how they could help employed members seek a better income or gain new skills. One day he decided to see if the employment center could help him.

When Reyes went to the center, he signed up for the career workshop. Once he completed it, he signed up again. And again. He found that the workshop was extremely effective in helping him realize what he wanted to do in his life. He set goals to improve his interviewing and negotiation skills. And he realized that he had the capacity and ability to improve those skills and get the job he dreamed of.

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