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It’s not all feds’ fault

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Paul Barker, Deseret News Archives

It is interesting to listen to those who insist the government cannot do anything well. Former President Ronald Reagan is oft quoted as saying that government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem. Yet when things are not going well, those same people clamor for government to intervene and immediately arrest the problem.

Now people are stating that government should interject itself and immediately solve the massive oil leak problem in the Gulf of Mexico.

"Government should ensure that there is not a recurrence of the financial fiasco that devastated this nation and much of the world."

"Government should do something about home foreclosures."

"Government should solve the immigration problem."

"Government should solve the unemployment problem."

The mantra is that free-market enterprise is the solution to everything. Even Adam Smith, originator of the free-market system, did not believe this. There must be a reasonable balance between the private sector and government. Sadly, they both eventually give way to financial corruption and profit.

Richard Burt