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Utah author wins Book of Year award for young adult fiction

Lisa Mangum has gone from reading enthusiast to book editor to published author. And now the Taylorsville resident can add award winner to her list of accomplishments.

On Wednesday, ForeWord Reviews — a print magazine and online review service for readers, booksellers, book buyers, publishing insiders and librarians — named Mangum's "The Hourglass Door" the 2009 Book of the Year for Young Adult Fiction.

"It was a total surprise," Mangum said from her office in Salt Lake City, where she is a full-time editor for Deseret Book publishing.

Mangum was at work when she found out she had won the award. The nomination process was a while ago, and she had forgotten all about it. But when she got an e-mail saying, "Lisa, you won gold, call me," she realized the enormity of it.

"It was a total surprise," she said. "But it was the best way to hear about it, because I wasn't worrying about it for the past six weeks."

Book of the Year is the first major award that Mangum has received, and she's very excited about it. "If I'm going to start with an award, then I'm going to start with a very good one," she said

"The Hourglass Door" is Mangum's first book, and its success has been a welcome, but somewhat surprising development.

"I'm a little surprised, because I'm nobody famous," she said. "It's my very first book. But on the other hand, I'm not surprised because it's a really good story."

"The Golden Spiral," the second book in the Hourglass Door Trilogy, was released earlier this month. Mangum is working on the final book in the series, "The Forgotten Locket," which is due out May 2011.

ForeWord Reviews selected 201 Book of the Year Award winners — gold, silver and bronze — in 60 categories.

These winners were selected by a panel of librarian and bookseller judges who are experts in the subject matter of the books they judged and who make purchasing decisions daily for their collections or bookstores.