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One on One hopes to serve clients ‘from cradle to grave’

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Nick Greer

Nick Greer

Most employees listen when the boss has something to say.

But employees at American Fork-based One on One Marketing don't just listen to their CEO and founder, Nick Greer. They wear bracelets emblazoned with his words and adorn their offices with signs bearing what they call "Nick-isms."

It's all part of a company culture that Greer and the rest of his workers believe will lead to long-term success for One on One, a lead-generating firm that works for major companies with a concentration on the education market.

The operator of the website ClassesandCareers.com, One on One is one of the largest lead generators in the U.S. for for-profit and post-secondary schools. The company also operates websites to generate leads in personal injury, insurance, home security, educational resources, social relationships and more.

One on One differentiates itself from its competition in several ways. First, the company only charges clients when they see results from its services. And second, unlike many Web-based firms, One on One's culture values building a business that is sustainable over time.

Greer likes to say that, though the company is on track to achieve record revenues this year, its main focus is building not a $100 million company but a $1 billion company, one that helps its clients serve people "from cradle to grave."

In keeping with that ethic, Greer and his team are selective in hiring, but not in conventional ways. They place trust first in considering job candidates and second in work ethic, relegating experience to third place. Greer feels that placing trust in hard-working people will always bring a good result, whether those people know the business from the beginning or work hard to learn quickly.