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Mormon Times wants your ‘Dear John/Jane’ stories

SHARE Mormon Times wants your ‘Dear John/Jane’ stories

Were you a recipient of the notorious "Dear John/Jane" letter while serving your mission? Mormon Times is looking for best of the worst "Dear John" letters to spotlight in an upcoming article.

How did your former flame attempt to let you down gently? Did he/she get straight down to business or drop a bombshell at the end of an otherwise ordinary letter?

On the flip-side, how did you do the letting down? Did you pen a "Dear John/Jane" only to end up marrying them after all?

Please send your favorite — or least favorite — "Dear John/Jane" lines to mormontimes@desnews.com. Please include your name, contact information and why you think the line deserves some good-natured ribbing.

If we select your submission, no personal information will be used in the print edition of Mormon Times or online.