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LeBron James’ elbow is now tweeting

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CLEVELAND — While LeBron James is saying little about his injury, his right elbow is busy talking — or better yet, tweeting.

A Twitter account entitled "LeBronsElbow" has sprung up on the social network site, providing random updates on the status of the NBA's most examined body part. An unknown person began the account, shortly after Cleveland's star attempted a left-handed free throw in the NBA playoffs because of his injured elbow.

The account is not authorized by the Cavaliers or James.

As of Tuesday evening, "LeBronsElbow" had 3,793 followers.

Late Monday night, after the Cavs were beaten by Boston in Game 2, LeBronsElbow posted: "Bedtime. Not gunna lie I'm pretty bummed. So to cheer myself up I glued LeBron's head to his pillow."