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Herding Squirrels blog: Weeping. With glee

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(MCT) — When I was young, I looked upon the lives of my parents with dread. They spent their time at home, cleaning, watching TV, making dinners, never going anywhere and when they did do something social? LAME. Over to a friend's house for wine and cheese? Ugh. A church potluck? Barf-o. Who in their right mind would actively choose to live like that?

Fast forward 25 years.

Let me share the massively exciting things to occur in my home life recently that do not involve my kids:

1. I figured out that by unplugging/turning off the power strip to our plasma screen TVs, we saved $81 on our electric bill this month. I KNOW, RITE?? I cannot emphasize enough how insanely happy this makes me. That's like, four days of groceries! Insane. I am apoplectic with joy.

2. I cleaned the laundry room. And when I say clean, I mean, CLEAN, honey. All the laundry was done. ALL OF IT. And folded and put away. I even was able to sweep in there. I am so flipping excited about this, I'm getting hot flashes.

3. We watched "Lost" last night. And it was AWESOME. My TV friends are all alive and well still, but I am really worried about Jack. PREDICTION: Jack becomes the next Jacob and he's stranded evermore with Lock on the Island. Doesn't that just scream poetic justice? It absolutely completes their character arcs.

4. Ever since I discovered Morning Star Farms Meatless Crumbles, my dinner making ideas have just exploded! Those darn crumbles just add so much possibility to healthy-ing up and rounding out a meal it's FABULOUS.

5. My cilantro is sprouting! And my tomato plants are absolutely thriving — flowers everywhere. The basil is a little slow to take flight, but I think with a little patience and guidance, it'll come along just fine.

6. Is there anything more exciting than clean sheets? Does life get better than that?

7. One of my big social events recently was to attend the memorial service of my grandmother. That's not a real positive event, but it was very social. By which I mean I spoke to people to whom I am related AND who are not my children.

8. I finally got that darn bite guard, so I don't need to worry about grinding my teeth when I sleep. So. Awesome. BONUS: My insurance covered half the cost.

9. My favorite author released another novel! *bliss* DOWNSIDE: I finished it in two days.

10. FREE DONUT! Need I say more?

The joy. The craziness. The pure, unadulterated, eye-bleeding excitement of my insane lifestyle. I am practically weeping with glee.



(Traci Arbios is a mom, stepmom and working mom. She lives with and writes about her blended family of seven kids, five pets and one amazingly patient husband at www.herdingsquirrels.com. Contact her at tarbiosgmail.com or zap her on twitter, herdnsquirrels.)

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