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Regence warns of coverage scams

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Regence BlueCross BlueShield is warning its members to beware of vitamin coverage scams.

The company says that Regence members in Utah and three other states report they are seeing claims for services not received on their explanation of benefits. The claims were filed on behalf of companies that sell nutritional supplements. The members bought products from the companies, whose ads state, "Learn how you can get your nutritional supplements reimbursed up to 100 percent through your insurance provider."

Regence said it issued a nationwide alert to all BlueCross and BlueShield plans in April, after an investigation showed that parties filing for reimbursement were submitting fraudulent claims from providers involved in the scheme. The fraudulent claims are coded for legitimate covered services such as consultations, lab work and X-rays that members did not receive.

Regence said the supplement companies essentially advise consumers to disregard any notes on their health plan's explanation of benefits about coding for services, alleging the health plan is attempting to pay less for the services.

Regence encourages members to report discrepancies to its fraud hotline at 888-207-4211 or the customer service number on their member card.