Just wondering why you felt it necessary to put the article about "Chief gets 'horrible' e-mails" on the front page? I can forgive Chief Burbank and Professor Martinez — after all, they are the police chief of the most liberal city and instructor at the most liberal university in the state. They are part of the liberal "group-think" that has infected politics all across the United States. They most likely believe that they are correct and the people who don't agree with them are irrational and — for lack of a better word — racist or stupid.

How many articles have you written telling of the e-mails to tea party leaders Tim Bridgewater or Mike Lee, maybe Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona, or perhaps ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, (I could go on ) and telling the liberals to be "more understanding" and "create dialogue."

I agree that we need civility and idea exchange — but how about the liberals listening to us and giving us some credit for thinking, too?

Philip H. Nielson