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Utah-to-Pac-10 reaction

"I think it's definitely good for the university, and I'm very excited for the University of Utah to be able to, hopefully, go into the Pac-10 and be successful there. … It's good to be able to say that you were a part of bringing the program to where it's at today, along with so many of the guys who played with me and before me."

— Utah alum Zane Beadles of the Denver Broncos

"Certainly it'll be an asset having another league member in the mountain time zone and the Rocky Mountain region. No question they've continued to grow and build their program to be in the BCS bowl games in football, the Final Four in basketball and hosted the Olympics. They've continued to make progress."

— Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn to the Denver Post

"(Utah is) a great institution in a great market ... (Utah and Colorado) makes us very strong in the Mountain Time Zone."

— Washington athletic director Scott Woodward to the Seattle Times

"(Utah) is a great fit. When I look at their university, their city and their proximity to the West Coast ... they have an outstanding program. I don't know where they are in basketball, but in their day they were a good basketball school, too."

— Oregon State Mike Riley to the Oregonian

"This is extremely exciting for the University of Utah. ... It's like a dream come true in a sense."

— Utah alum Eric Weddle of the San Diego Chargers

"I kind of knew for quite a while that it was going to happen. I think there's some good and some bad. The bad is you're separating BYU and Utah — traditional rivals. It will make the rivalry have less of an impact of what it's been for the last 14-15 years when it's been a toss-up game on Saturday. I think that's the bad part of it.

"The good part of it is Utah's earned their reputation with other people around the country. They've built a solid foundation of how football needs to be played. All of us that had something to do with it have to feel good about the respect the university has gained. We helped establish the identity of Utah."

—Ron McBride, former Utah, football coach, now Weber State football coach