News page: Get a glimpse before it's even uploaded of the "front page of the news and events section coming in the new" In my humble opinion, it looks both beautiful and informative.

LDS film: What is "The State of LDS Box Office in 2010"? KevinB has studied and graphed the trend of LDS movies at the box office over the past 10 years to discover there is a "distinct downward trend." Click to read why he thinks this is so. And his solution? "Perhaps the LDS film industry needs to take more of a leading role in using alternate methods of distribution in order to find larger audiences."

In Jerusalem: What does "Israel's Netanya Academic College" have to do with Mormonism? More than meets the eye, as described in this fascinating guest post. Paul R. explains a bit of the history: "When Dr. Ginat was invited to become president of Netanya Academic College, he did so on one condition, that the campus include Orson Hyde Square, a space dedicated to honoring not only Hyde, but every president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from Joseph Smith Jr., to Thomas S. Monson." Click to read more and see the beautiful photos of the plaques around the square.

Father's Day: Katie at Visiting Teaching Surprise has done the search work for us in finding some darling "Quick, cheap and printable cards, and gifts" for Father's Day. She includes cards, crowns, cakes, certificates, coupons and more.