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Woman trapped under truck saved by scooter

WEST JORDAN — A woman who was trapped under a pickup truck for nearly 30 minutes was in good condition Wednesday.

Just before 8 a.m., a truck making a left turn onto 2700 West at 8250 South pulled in front of a 34-year-old woman riding a street-legal scooter.

"He said he didn't even see her," said West Jordan Police Sgt. Jeff Jewkes.

The woman locked up her rear brake and laid her scooter down, sliding with the scooter underneath the truck. The truck continued driving and dragged the woman 10 feet before the driver realized what had happened, Jewkes said.

It was because of the scooter, however, that the pickup's tires didn't go over the woman and crush her, he said. Jewkes said the scooter and the helmet the woman was wearing likely saved her life.

A heavy rescue crew from the fire department was called and about 25 minutes after the accident was able to lift the pickup off the woman. Jewkes said she was bleeding slightly from her head, but she was conscious, talking and holding the hand of a rescue crew member the entire time.

The woman was flown to a local hospital in good condition, mostly as a precaution, Jewkes said.

The 25-year-old driver of the pickup was cited for failure to yield.