Despite any amount of distance, children across the world can now fall peacefully asleep after listening to a parent or grandparent read a book aloud using

Founded by a group of BYU graduates, promotes BookChat, an online program that allows two people to share story time. During BookChat, readers can select books to read, turn pages together and see and hear one another.

After growing up in Utah and graduating from BYU, CEO Coby Neuenschwander and his wife relocated to Chicago and soon had their first son, Oliver. Because Oliver was only able to see his grandparents a few times a year, it was difficult for him to establish a strong relationship with them.

Neuenschwander unsuccessfully attempted to use standard video chat as a remedy but explained that it involved little interaction and was similar to a conference.

\"We tried using video chat, but it didn't capture Oliver's attention for more than 15-20 seconds,\" Neuenschwander said. \"He has always really loved being read to, so the idea came to integrate video chat with children's books to provide a connection.\"

Although publicly launched only a few months ago, Readeo already has more than 50 children's books in its library. Partnered with a variety of publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Candlewick Press and Blue Apple Books, Readeo is adding new books weekly.

In order to participate, both parties need a Readeo account. There are two forms of an account: member or guest. Membership includes unlimited BookChats and allows access to the Readeo library. On the other hand, guest accounts are limited to participation only when reading with a member.

Every month, Readeo promotes a Book of the Month that can be read for free by both members and guests. The featured book in June is \"The Fathers Are Coming Home,\" written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Stephen Savage..

\"Since we've started using, when we get together in person, it makes transitions so much easier,\" Neuenschwander said. \"There is no longer that one- or two-day transition period for my son to feel comfortable.\"

Neuenschwander believes that BookChat is ideal for strengthening long-distance relationships with children. During the month of April, the site honored Military Month Child and gifted military families with accounts. Neuenschwander said that he receives countless e-mails from family members grateful for the additional layer of connection.

\"So many families move away and are not in the same area, especially LDS mission presidents and senior missionaries.\" Neuenschwander said. \"BookChat benefits families emotionally, intellectually and socially.\"

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