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All Fired up: Carrie Underwood, 5 Browns to perform at Stadium of Fire

Grammy Award-winning country singer Carrie Underwood loves the Fourth of July.

"I think the best thing that we always did on the Fourth is being outside," Underwood said during a teleconference with Utah media last week.

"There's always something going on outside, whether it was throwing pool parties or going to see a firework show or having a barbecue. … It was all about being outside."

Underwood will be outside celebrating the holiday early on Saturday with Utah audiences during the Stadium of Fire at Brigham Young University. "It's special to do a Fourth of July show," she said. "Because the Fourth is about having fun outdoors and enjoying our country and things that are around us."

"I love summer. It's all about outdoor concerts, and everybody is there to have a good time. People are happy and excited; even if it's hot and sticky, there's nothing like that. It's such a huge celebration that I really look forward to everybody having a good time."

"And the fact that (the Stadium of Fire) is being broadcast to the U.S. military is extra special."

Underwood, winner of the fourth season of "American Idol," is the first female to garner back-to-back wins for Entertainer of the Year by the Academy of Country Music. She is also a three-time ACM Female Vocalist winner and a Grand Ole Opry inductee.

She has released three albums, two of which — 2007's "Carnival Ride" and last year's "Play On" — debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

She is a five-time Grammy Award winner and a five-time American Music Award winner.

In November, Provo's Freedom Festival organizers set up an online poll to see who Utah audiences wanted to headline the Stadium of Fire.

Underwood, who beat out Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, Eric Dodge and Utah's own American Idol David Archuleta, said she felt great about the poll.

"That's awesome how they figure out who they want to perform," Underwood said. "That's a good way (to do it). Just give the power to the people and see who they want.

"It's a good feeling, too, when you go into a stadium show and festival (and know) that the people really want to see you and want you there. It's a great feeling."

Underwood, who is on tour supporting "Play On," said she had to adjust her regular set to accommodate the Stadium of Fire time constraints.

"It's about taking out the costume changes," she said with a little laugh. "But we'll do all the songs that people know."


Alpine's own 5 Browns will only get a 10-minute set when they play Stadium of Fire.

"For the 10 minutes, we'll stay in the one costume," Desirae Brown said with a laugh during another conference call with the Deseret News.

While brother Gregory was in Spain and sister Melody was stuck without a phone in Dallas and unavailable for the interview, the remaining sibling pianists — Ryan, Deondra and Desirae — talked about the upcoming Stadium of Fire debut.

"I never thought this would happen," Ryan said. "It's one of the more exciting events that Utah has to offer on a bigger scale. It's crazy being immersed in the whole thing."

"All of us have attended the Stadium of Fire before at different times and sometimes together," Desirae said. "But this is the first time we'll be performing."

The theme for the 5 Browns' performance is "American Composers," and they felt it fitting to play an arrangement from John Williams' "Star Wars" score.

"We will be playing the arrangement on five full-size Steinway grand pianos," Ryan said.

"Our new album ('5 Browns in Hollywood'), which was released in March, featured movie music that challenged us," Deondra said. "We have these amazing arrangements, and we felt 'Star Wars' was the one to play."

"The arranger is a good friend of ours who was also a classmate of some of us at Juilliard," Ryan said. "His name is Greg Anderson."

"We actually had to get special permission from John Williams to have this piece arranged," Desirae said. "He never allows it. I think he doesn't want it to get messed up. But we got permission and a note from him that said he was excited for us to play it. So, it's a nice honor."

If you go …

What: Stadium of Fire — Carrie Underwood, 5 Browns, Jenny Oaks Baker, Osmonds Second Generation, Eric Dodge, hosted by Lou Diamond Phillips

Where: LaVell Edwards Stadium, Brigham Young University

When: July 3,

8 p.m.

How much: $30-$120

Phone: 801-322-2981 or 801-422-2981

Web: www.byutickets.comHeadline for infobox