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No concern for all laws

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Contrary to repeated calls over the past two years from religious and civic leaders for a civil, rational, factual and compassionate approach to the immigration issue, the tone of the discussion has only become coarser and more reliant on fear than facts. Furthermore, many justify their harsh stance by self-righteously and simplistically insisting that it's just a matter of obedience to the law.

Given these citizens' sudden and profound zeal for strict adherence to the law, I expect they will raise no objection to serving up to five years in prison, paying up to $250,000 in criminal fines and paying the minimum of $750 in civil fines for each music track they've ever given away on a mix CD; that is, after all, the law. Also, would anyone mind if someone published the names, phone numbers, and Social Security numbers of parents suspected of not putting their kids in seat belts?

Or is the strident tone of the immigration debate not entirely based on a concern for the law after all?

Jeremy Grimshaw